Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

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Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

Who is solar PV suitable for?

Home and business owners with space on their roof or ground around their property

Do I have enough space for a solar PV or solar immersion system?

Tell us your address and we will check your property online and swiftly tell you your capabilities

Does the location or orientation of my house matter?

Yes, we can model your property on our specialist solar PV computer system to maximise your return

Do I need permission to install a solar system?

Only if you plan to install our panels on a listed building.

Can I earn money for electricity I generate but don’t use?

Yes, currently NIE acquire each KWH at 0.0785 pence (@22/02/2022)

How much does a system cost?

This is dependent on the size of system installed, possible additional extra’s and whether or not scaffolding required. Solar NRG will swiftly assess your requirements and offer you a clear all inclusive quote

How much can I save?

This will depend on the orientation of your house, the time of year (it varies with more daylight / greater savings in summer and less in winter) and the size of the PV system you choose.

How long after installing the system will I see a return on my investment?

Installing solar panels on your home or business has never been as affordable, the price of installation can be recouped in as little as six years.

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